Latest Update – Exqtractozmecter Is Here and Is a Fact

It has been an awesome time working away in our secret workshop. We had to take some time off far away from civilisation so we can concentrate on developing our latest hokey-pokey bike wheel lights magic. Believe it or not, we have been buried in designing, testing, fine tuning and then brainstorming on marketing strategies. The full monty. This time, we must make it work, there is not other chance than break apart the world of competitive and recreational cycling all over the world. Not only in the US and Europe.

Did you remember what riding a cool bike felt like? Here is a little taster:

There are biking fans everywhere, so that is not a problem reaching out to them. The difficult part is to blow them away with a quality product no one has ever seen so far. And I can proudly say that we managed to do it. You will be amazed at what I will show you next week (a little bit of fine tuning and tweaking left).

Watch this space. Big surprise in line.

Ta-ra for now, ta-ra.